Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Weekly Round Up

Good afternoon lovelies! 

Well what a week I have had, thrown in the deep end with the new job as the lady who is soon to be going on maternity leave is now poorly and has started 6 weeks early! I am enjoying it though and I now know more about CPC training than I knew before! (To be fair I didn't even know it was thing 3 weeks ago!) This job is a means to an end though and will allow me to save towards my proofreading qualifications so I can't grumble about it too much! 

In terms of reading I have had a great week, three books polished off, and all three were great, Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington, The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards and The Taken by Casey Kelleher. 

Saving Sophie is Carrington's debut novel and is a really slick and clever thriller, my review is already up for that little beauty and I will be posting the other two tonight. 

As some of you will already know, I am hosting a charity fundraising event for MacMillan Cancer Support at my local pub on the 10th September. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response for donations from some wonderful authors already and please, if anyone else is able to offer anything which will be suitable as a raffle prize, please do get in touch. We raised £1300 last year and I am really hoping to smash that this year! 

I am thinking of mixing things up this week by adding a none crime/thriller book to my blog - top of my TBR at the moment are Play Dead by Angela Marsons and All Fall Down by Tom Bale, but I am undecided as to whether to go with The Woman Who Lost Her Mojo by Carol Wyer or with Melody Bittersweet and the Girls' Ghostbusting Agency by Kitty French - what do you think folks? Which do you recommend? 

Well, back to work now, look out for my new reviews tonight. 

Stay happy, keep safe and keep reading! 

Love Emma xx 

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