Proofreading Services

The benefits of a fresh pair of eyes looking over your work can never be underestimated. Although your use and knowledge of English may be fantastic over familiarity with your work can mean that mistakes are very easy to miss. 

Whether you want a basic proofread or a detailed editorial review, I will ensure that you can approach a publisher with the confidence that your finished material is polished and error free.

A basic proofread will include checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, or, should you require, I can offer a more detailed edit of your work, including checking for inconsistencies in time frames, story lines, content accuracy, and continuity.

I will happily sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to looking at your work, giving you the confidence that your content will stay confidential.

I will look at your work either in full once it is completed, or at stages to allow you to see where you may be able to improve your skills moving forward. I will never make or suggest changes to your style of writing.

All I require is a sample of your work (Not within the first 6 chapters if possible) to allow me to understand the nature of your project and the level of input needed and then together, we can make a decision on the level of service you require and your deadline.

Please contact me on for more details

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